Legal consultations for healthcare practitioners

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    It is rather difficult to live in the modern world without understanding of the core knowledge of your rights; especially this is applicable to medical workers.

    Almost everywhere, you can find articles and other materials regarding the rights of patient, while the rights and duties of physician are usually overshadowed. The vast role in negative attitude of patients to doctors play media in which unskilled reporters covers interestedly the medical errors that often lead to actual litigations. The popularity of filing lawsuits against doctors and health institutions speaks eloquent official statistics of citizens’ appeals to regional health authorities and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. If at the beginning of the 2000s only 5.9% of the total number of complaints were directed against the medical staff, then by 2010 this percentage has increased to more than four times.

    In this regard, the Ukrainian Medical Council initiated the establishment of remote consulting center, which aims to provide legal assistance to medical workers and public health officials. The main objective of this project is to prevent the conflicts and raise awareness in the field of health law. Therefore, we are trying to convey the legislative framework and provide the official comments to it.

    Currently, experts of remote consultation center are ready to provide short free consultation on any issues relating to medical practice in Ukraine and abroad, namely:

    • Education for medical specialist
    • Licensing
    • Wages and labor relations
    • Professional rights and benefits
    • Junior specialist and his/her rights
    • Responsibility of health workers

    To obtain detailed information you may sign up for consultation, which will help to specify all matters and cope with problematic situations.