Medical education in Ukraine is an integral part of national educational and health care system. It is considered to be one of the best in the world, despite of the Soviet Union breakup, and therefore it attracts thousands of foreign students each year. Graduates of Ukrainian medical universities are of high demand for their fundamental knowledge and excellent practical skills. Due to the latest data, the educational potential of Ukraine has allowed us to enter the group of the first ten leader states in the field of international education (as evidenced by current demand for higher education in Ukraine among citizens of other countries).

After adoption of the Bologna process, Ukraine reformed its educational system, adapting it to EU standards. Today, specialists of medical and pharmaceutical fields are prepared in higher education establishments of I-IV levels of accreditation, which include 64 medical schools, 47 medical colleges and their branches, 2 nursing institutes, 12 medical universities, 2 medical academies, 1 national pharmaceutical university and 3 academies of postgraduate education. Six medical universities and one medical academy of postgraduate education have the status of national establishments. It should be noted that today Ukrainian diploma has wide international recognition, and the level of professional training is highly appreciated by foreign employers.

Structure of medical education in Ukraine


Structure of medical education in Ukraine is based on educational systems of leading world countries in accordance with recommendations of EU, UNESCO, UNO and other international organizations. Taking into account that higher medical education is an integral part of Ukrainian educational system, it is regulated by the law “On higher education”, regulation “On specialization (internship)” and regulation “On clinical residency”.  Four-graded educational system provides high-quality education with further awarding of such qualification levels as Junior Specialist (2-3 years), Bachelor (3-4 years), Specialist (6 years), and Master (1-2 years).

Higher education may be obtained in higher education establishments of relevant level of certification. In order to be able to get higher medical education applicant has to have a certificate on complete general secondary education or qualification of Junior Specialist / Bachelor. To obtain postgraduate education a candidate has to have a document confirming qualification of Specialist or Master.

Multigraded structure of higher medical education means that after completing of a particular level of education students may continue their studies further. Ukrainian medical graduates are obliged to pass Internship and Master Program or Clinical Studies (optional), while foreigners, who have been qualified as Specialist, may complete only Master or Clinical Residency studies.

Thus, according to the legislation of Ukraine, the educational system consists of the following qualification levels:

Stage Qualification level (documents confirming qualification) Period of studies Correspondent foreign qualifications
Postgraduate education Doctoral program Doctor of Science (academic degree of Doctor of Science) Minimum 3 years Doctor of Medical Science (DMedSc)
Postgraduate research program Candidate of Medical Science (academic degree of Candidate of Medical Science) Minimum 3 years Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) (literally Candidate of Medical Sciences)
Master program Master (Master’s Diploma) 1-2 years (60-120 ECTS) Master of Medical Science
Clinical residency Specialist with secondary specialization (Certificate on completion of clinical residency) 2-4 years (120-240 ECTS)
Internship in speciality Specialist with primary specialization (Certificate of professional) 1-3 years (60-180 ECTS) Specialist (e.g. Specialist in Cardiology)
Higher education Completed higher education (specialist program) Specialist  Specialist’s Diploma) 6 years (360 ECTS) for such directions as «Medical Care”, “Pediatry”, “Medical and Preventive Business”, “Medical Psychology”; 5 years (300 ECTS) for such directions as “Dentistry” and “Pharmacy” * (Including pre-graduation training (pre-graduate residency) for up to one year) Medical Doctor (MD) or Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) or Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm Dr.) or Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (BSPh)
Basic higher education (Bachelor program) Bachelor (Bachelor’s Diploma) 3-4 years (180-240 ECTS) or 2-3 years (on the basis of non-completed higher education) Bachelor of Medical Sciences (e.g. Bachelor of Nursing)
Non-completed higher education Junior Specialist (Junior Specialist’s Diploma) 2-3 years (120-180 ECTS) or 3-4 years (after 9 years of secondary education) (literally Junior Specialist)
Secondary education Completed secondary education Certificate on Complete General Secondary Education 2-3 years Certificate of Complete General Secondary Education
Basic secondary education Certificate on Basic Secondary Education 5 years
Primary secondary education 4 years
Preschool education

Primary medical education

1 black

General Medicine (MBBS)

Level of preparation– Specialist;

Qualification – Medical Doctor;

Duration — 6 years.

The program is available for all citizens of Ukraine and foreigners.

2 black

Dentistry (BDS)

Level of preparation– Specialist;

Qualification – Dentist;

Duration — 5 years.

The program is available for all citizens of Ukraine and foreigners.

3 black

Pharmacy (BPharm)

Level of preparation– Specialist;

Qualification – Pharmaceutist;

Duration — 5 years.

The program is available for all citizens of Ukraine and foreigners.

4 black


Level of preparation– Specialist;

Qualification – Medical Doctor (Paediatrician)

Duration — 6 years.

The program is available for all citizens of Ukraine and foreigners.

5 black

Preventive Medicine

Level of preparation– Specialist;

Qualification – Medical Gygienist/Medical Epidemiologist;

Duration — 5 years.

The program is available for all citizens of Ukraine and foreigners.

6 red

Medical Psychology

Level of preparation– Specialist;

Qualification – Medical Psychologist;

Duration — 5 years.

The program is available for all citizens of Ukraine and foreigners.

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Education for foreign citizens

Each year the number of foreigners willing to get Ukrainian education is constantly increasing. Thus, in the 2013/2014 academic year the contingent of foreign students in higher educational establishments of Ukraine comprised approximately 70,000 students from 145 countries.

Admission Board carries out acceptance of foreigners to establishments of higher education of Ukraine on the basis of the interview and following the consideration of submitted documents of previous education. Each university has its own requirements as to the level of academic achievements of foreign students.

Foreigners take courses in Ukrainian or Russian, however many universities now offer English-language programs.

Foreigners who do not speak Ukrainian (Russian), have the opportunity to study it during 10-month preparatory program at the Preparatory Department of chosen university. After successful completion, they may continue their education at the basic faculties of higher educational establishments of Ukraine.

Apart language training, foreigners study basic disciplines needed for further studies on selected fields / specialties.

Education for foreigners in Ukrainian universities is conducted on a contract basis. Approximate cost of education for foreigners ranges from $ 1000 to $ 3000 per year and from $ 2,000 to $ 6,000 per year for medical specialties.

Education cost at the Preparatory Department ranges from $ 1000 to $ 2000.

Foreigners, who have received state grants of Ukraine under international agreements, state programs and other international obligations, are admitted to study on the basis of referrals from the Ministry of Education as prescribed in such agreements and programs.

Foreigners who have received complete general secondary education at foreign schools with study of the Ukrainian language and Ukrainian foreign, whose status was confirmed by foreign Ukrainian certificate, can also study for free under the quota for foreign Ukrainians established by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Foreigners legally residing in Ukraine have the right to obtain higher education on equal terms with the citizens of Ukraine

Ukrainian Medical Council provides assistance to foreign citizens who want to study medicine in Urkaine. In order to apply, please fill in the corresponding form in our our “E-services” webpage. In order to get more information on application process, please visit our “Foreign applicants” webpage. 


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