President’s appeal

Healthcare system of Ukraine, as well as our state, faces extremely tough and crucial moments. After the Revolution of Dignity and restart of the power, it became obvious that we need drastic changes to be done and doctor’s society cannot remain on the sidelines. Already long there raised an issue on introduction of medical autonomy, which is deemed to be inseparable part of medical system in the European Union and other countries.

Today the Ukrainian Medical Council unites true professionals and patriots. We have no doubt that with such specialists we will be able to make our own contribution to the process of reformation of management system for healthcare protection. Moreover, we may achieve significant improvements in working conditions for Ukrainian physicians.

We have always treated our physicians as true professionals in their field for whom we trust the health of the entire nation. Today every member of our organization is the pride for the whole society, the power and ground for any private or public health institution in Ukraine and abroad. The Ukrainian Medical Council is ready to protect its registered members, if they will carry out approved, professionally verified medical treatment standards, and ethical standards of conduct. This leads to the appearance of mutual responsibility of the physician to the medical community, and the community – to the physician. The Medical Council is interested only in dignified physicians, reliable professionals with a spotless reputation.

We settle down to a long and difficult path. We have a lot of organizational work and I am confident that we can meet the need for self-regulation of professional medical practice in our new, restored and independent country. I would like to invite all present and future physicians who will form a new concept of healthcare protection development to ranks of members of the Ukrainian Medical Council.

Stanislav Bilan 

Position: President of the All-Ukrainian Non-Governmental Organization “Ukrainian Medical Council”

Functions: representation of organization interests on all levels, running of the organization


Phone number: +38 (050) 405-03-47 (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram) , +38(044) 592-05-75