Police Certificate

What is a certificate of good conduct?

This is a document confirming the presence or absence of a criminal record in its holder. It has a serial number and special levels of protection, which are present in all documents with legal force. In fact, this document confirms that the citizen does not have any criminal records and is not currently being prosecuted.

When can this certificate be necessary?

Information on criminal records may be requested in case of:
• traveling abroad and formal employment;
• restoration of passport;
• registration of parental rights in case adoption or change of a child’s place of residence ;
• an authorization for acquisition of weapons;
• receipt of civil status;
• applying for a job which requires absolute compliance with the law;
• implementation of some financial transactions and conclusion of contracts with banks.

How to obtain a police certificate in Ukraine?

Citizens of Ukraine and foreigners currently living on the territory of Ukraine can use our services of requisition of the police certificate. Police certificate is issued for internal use in Ukraine and for foreign embassies in Ukraine. Police certificate is issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Kiev. In order to obtain a police certificate, Ukrainian citizens who live in our country, as well as Ukrainian citizens living abroad, and foreign nationals who have ever lived on the territory of Ukraine, should provide us with a copy of their valid passport. All other application forms (in Ukrainian) are handled by the Ukrainian Medical Council. Passport copies should be sent to info@mcu.org.ua.