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The Ukrainian Medical Council bears responsibility for maintenance of the Unified register of healthcare practitioners in Ukraine, which is necessary for collection and provision of up-to-date information about the number and personal composition of workers of the medical sphere. Information form the Unified register is open and can be requested by any competent authority, organization or individual from Ukraine or any other country.


The Ukrainian Medical Council is empowered to issue Certificates of Good Standing that confirm the current professional status of healthcare practitioners in Ukraine. These certificates are issued by the Ethics Committee to those doctors who have been registered with the Ukrainian Medical Council and have not violated the 'Code of Ethics of a doctor of Ukraine' or other laws of Ukraine that regulate medical practice.


Having become a registered member of the Ukrainian Medical Council, you will get professional support, individual approach and comprehensive services. You will be part of the medical community that protects interests of its registered members and provides opportunities for career development such as participation in various educational workshops and trainings, internships abroad, employment abroad and other fascinating projects.

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Healthcare practitioners:

  •  Registration of doctors, dentists, pharmacists and other workers of the medical sphere
  • Applications for various documents and other services

University applicants and students:

  •  Applications for primary and postgraduate medical education in Ukraine

Employers and other organizations:

  • Registraion of healthcare facilities, recruitment agencies and other organizations in our electronic system
  • Applications for personnel recruitment and plcement of infromation on the website of the Ukrainian Medical Council

Patients and public:

  • Applications for healthcare practitioners misconduct and other informational inquiries

Study with the Ukrainian Medical Council


General courses


Specialized courses

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Examination courses

Higher education in Ukraine

  • General Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Pharmacy
  • Paediatrics
  • Preventive Medicine
  • Medical Psychology


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Legalization of international healthcare practitioners in Ukraine

In order to practice medicine, dentistry or pharmacy in Ukraine, individuals with foreign qualifications need to pass the so called legalization. Find out more about the policies and stages involved in this procedure and get assistance from the specialists of the Ukrainian Medical Council.

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Ukraine work

PG education in Ukraine

  • Internship (Specialist training)
  • Master’s degree training
  • Clinical residency
  • Doctoral training (PhD)
  • Postdoctoral training (ScD)

Labour migration of Ukrainian healthcare practitioners

Foreign university applicants


Get assistance and reliable information about primary and postrgaduate medical education in Ukraine from the specialists of the Ukrainian Medical Council.

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Cooperation with the Ukrainian Medical Council

aaaaWithin the framework of the Expat Doctors Initiative, the Ukrainian Medical Council strongly welcomes cooperation of any organizations and individuals who can contribute to simplification of licensure and placement of Ukrainian doctors in various foreign countries. The Council believes that such agreements can have mutual benefits for all parties and looks forward with interest to cooperative efforts with anyone who is interested in this project.

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  • Ukrainian Higer Medical Educational Establishments
  • Foreign healthcare regulators

Departments of the Ukrainian Medical Council