Aims and tasks


National healthcare system is riddled with numerous problems and shortcomings, which are firmly rooted in it, thus creating negative effects that are associated in particular with the poor state of public health at the present stage. All these problems have arose due to a fragmented approach to the reformation process, the turbulence of social and political processes, low implementation of international and regional standards in the field of healthcare and human rights, and rapid flow of public ideas, which could not find an effective and timely implementation. Now it is the time to start active transformation processes in a country where health care system is one of the focuses in need of “rehabilitation.” European integration vector of Ukraine, which has its origins in the Agreement on the Association between the EU and Ukraine, where healthcare plays crucial role, should be gradually implemented, prejudice to the fate of Ukraine. Without a doubt, urgent changes require first the availability of management practices that may influence the quality, affordability and safety of medical care and human rights enforcement. Thus, the main goals of the Ukrainian Medical Council are as follows:

Association of all professional medical community in Ukraine based on the principles of self-regulation for improvement of the national health care system.

The main tasks of the organization are:

  • introduction of a system of self-regulation for professional activity in the field of healthcare on the principles of compulsory membership in medical associations and implementation of the National Registry of Medical Specialists;
  • representation of medical specialists (individuals who are registered at the Ukrainian Medical Council) interests against the state and society;
  • assistance to enhancement of healthcare system by:
    • arrangement of scientific researches and surveys, collection, storage and distribution of information relating to the health protection;
    • participation in the process of development of health standards and monitoring of their compliance;
    • participation in the establishment of uniform qualification requirements for the persons who are engaged in medical practice and control of their observance;
    • holding of congresses, conferences and other scientific and public events in the framework of the current legislation;
  • management of professional activities of medical specialists;
  • organization of various types of medical training and improving their skills;
  • creation of a system of legal and judicial protection for medical workers and health organizations both in Ukraine and abroad;
  • regulation of ethical aspects of work when handling patients, legal persons and other entities of professional activities;
  • joining of medical associations and societies of different orientations and organization for their effective interaction;
  • the establishment of relations between physicians, patients and their relatives, distribution of ideas of healthy lifestyle and other relevant issues on optimization of health care system in Ukraine;