Oath of Ukrainian Doctor

Oath of Ukrainian Doctor


Approved by the President of Ukraine on June 15, 1992,  No. 349

After receiving the physician profession and having understood the importance of the responsibilities, which are entrusted to me, in the presence of my teachers and colleagues, I solemnly swear:

to give all my knowledge and skills to the protection and improvement of human health, treatment and prevention of diseases, deliver of medical care to all who need it;

always follow by principles of the universal morality in my actions and thoughts, be unselfish and sensitive to the sick, admit mistakes, and worthy continue the honorable traditions of world medicine;

keep medical oath, not to use it despite of a person;

observe the professional conduct rules,  not conceal the truth, if it can’t hurt the patient;

deepen knowledge and skills, if necessary, seek the resources for colleagues and not refuse to help them if necessary, to be fair to colleagues;

by own example to promote the education of physically and morally healthy generation, claim the high ideals of mercy, love, harmony and mutual respect between people.

Loyalty to this Oath I swear to carry through the life.