Doctoral Training

Doctoral Program

Doctoral program is a type of preparation of scientific-pedagogical and scientific personnel of higher qualification.

Rules for admission

Only individuals with PhD degree, scientific achievements and published scientific papers in chosen scientific speciality may be admitted to doctoral program. Moreover, they have to be capable to perform fundamental and applied researches. The term of doctoral studies on general terms and conditions shall not exceed three years.

Those who would like to be admitted to doctoral program shall submit the following documents addressed to the Rector of educational establishment:

  • application;
  • personnel record card;
  • list of published scientific papers and inventions;
  • medical certificate on health condition on form No. 086-у;
  • copy of diploma and copy of academic record transcript (diploma supplement), certified at Personnel Department at the place of work (copies certified with the seal of Personnel Department);
  • detailed plan of the thesis for the degree of Doctor of Science;
  • copy of certificate on awarding the scientific degree of candidate of science (in the case of appropriate education abroad –  nostrificated copy of the diploma).
  • passport, higher education diploma and certificate on awarding the scientific degree of candidate of sciences shall be submitted personally by the entrant

Documents are usually submitted from June 01 to August 31.

Doctoral program training is performed:

  1. On the basis of:
  • State Budget of Ukraine – under the state order for further employment in the public sector of national economy;
  • funds of legal entities and individuals – under the terms of the contract – for further work in public and non-governmental sectors of national economy;
  1. foreigners and stateless persons may obtain doctoral education on the basis of:
  • international agreements of Ukraine;
  • nationwide programs;
  • agreements concluded by higher education establishments and scientific institutions with legal entities and individuals.

The department within one month from the date of receipt of documents shall conduct hearings of scientific reports of entrants, consider detailed working plans on thesis and determine the possibility of enrollment of each candidate to doctoral program by secret or open ballot. The Academic Council of educational establishment within a month considers the findings of department and makes decision as to admission to postgraduate education. The decision of the Academic Council is approved and drafted by Rector’s decree of educational establishment.

The final stage of preparation of scientific-pedagogical and scientific personnel of higher qualification is their certification in specialized scientific councils for the degree of candidate or doctor of medical sciences in relevant speciality.