Master’s Training

Master’s training in a certain specialty is available only to Ukrainian citizens, who are taking Specialty training (internship) in the same medical specialty!


Master of Medicine (Pharmacy) is a complete educational and qualification level of specialist, who obtained special skills and knowledge, rich experience of their using in a particular field of medicine (Pharmacy) and defended Master’s Thesis at the Academic Council of the higher education (faculty) based on the qualification of physician (pharmacist). Training of Master of Medicine (Pharmacy) is carried out simultaneously with the preparation of specialists for specific medical (provisional) specialty internship and aims at deepening the special, scientific and practical, educational and research training for the same medical (to provisional) specialty.

Rules for Admission

Those candidates who has a professional qualifications, recommendation of the Academic Council of the higher education for research and admitted on the position of  physician (pharmacists) in basic institutions (organizations) for internship study may me admitted to the Master’s Program. Education on the Master’s program is conducting at the same department of higher education institution where intern took a full-time internship study. The duration of study at the Master’s program is determined by the period of internship study and is set for a period of 1, 5 – years depending on the specialty according to the order “On Approval of the List of specialties and terms of training for internship graduates of medical and pharmaceutical higher educational establishments” approved by the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine. The duration of full-time internship study at the departments of higher education establishments for physicians (pharmacist) is extended for 3 months due to a corresponding reduction in the duration of the internship in the basic institutions and health care facilities.

Applicants who want to enter to Master Program have to submit the following documents to the university:

m21. application;
2. personnel record card;
3. copy of the diploma on higher medical (pharmaceutical) education;
4. an extract from the work book with the note of employment in basic institution (organization) of health care at the position as physician (specialist)-intern;
5.  recommendation of the Academic Council of higher educational establishments for study on the Master Program;
6. copies of passport and ID number;
7. list of published scientific works and inventions (if any).

Documents are usually submitted from June 01 to August 31.

Study on master program is performed at the expense of:

  • State Budget of Ukraine – under the state order for further employment in the public sector of national economy;
  • funds of legal entities and individuals – under the terms of the contract – for further work in public and non-governmental sectors of national economy;

Each applicant has to pass the interview, entrance exams of master program and language exam (English, German or French) in accordance with functional educational program. The interview and entrance exams are conducted from 1 to 10 of September. In case of equal points, person with a higher overall grade of educational diploma with honors has an advantageous right for admission. The applicants are admitted for study from 10 October due to the order of Rector of higher education establishment after receiving the lists of persons approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for admission on Master program. Physician-master, specialist-master obtain a supervisor, individual work plan and theme of master’s work over 1 month after admission by the Educational Council. After graduation, physician-masters and specialist-masters defend Master’s thesis at the Departments of Educational Council and then receive a diploma conferring educational qualification level of Master of Medicine (Pharmacy).