Certificate of Good Standing

Certificate of Good Standing confirms the good reputation of medical professional. Special Ethical Committee, which is a part of the Department of Ethics of the UMC, issues the certificate of Good Standing in virtue of the Edinburgh Agreement on the exchange of information about professional status of health care workers that was signed in 2006. The Certificate of Good Standing, issued by the Ukrainian Medical Council is obligatory document for professionals who intend to continue their studies or engage in medical practice abroad. Certificate of Good Standing indicates that its owner:

  • is not the subject to auditions of Ethical Committee of the UMC;
  • is not the subject to disciplinary sanctions, which entail his / her exclusion from the register of doctors;
  • has no disciplinary violations and charges or complaints against him / her.

Certificates are issued only to those healthcare professionals who have been previously registered at the Ukrainian Medical Council and passed the documents verification procedure!

Issuance of Good Standing Certificate provides the administrative fee payment. Upon request of physician, a certificate can be mailed to the foreign competent registration authority or to any other address. According to the rules of the UMC, the validity of Good Standing Certificate is limited to one year, but under the rules of other registration authorities, the certificate becomes invalid after 3-6 months. In this case, the physician shall submit a new application to the UMC certificate issuance. In order to apply for a Certificate of Good Standing, use our portal “E-services”. You can also contact us for more information

Frequently Asked Questions

CGS stands for the Certificate of Good Standing. The Ukrainian Medical Council sends the certificates to foreign registration authorities and employers for confirm the absence of any offense of physician to whom the document was issued. The Ukraine Medical Council doesn’t issues the CGS to medical workers about which is contacting an internal investigation, civil, administrative or criminal proceeding.

Yes, it is. CCPS an abbreviation most often using in Europe, while reducing CGS used in all other countries. Therefore, a certificate of impeccable reputation (CGS), which is issued by Ukrainian Medical Council, is an analogue of a certificate of current professional status (CCPS).

The CGS Certificate issued by the Ukrainian Medical Council contains the name of the registered medical worker, his registration number and date of issue of the certificate. The document also contains information about the absence of any law violations by the person to whom the certificate was issued.

Certificate of Good Standing for bringing to foreign registration body or the employer can request through our online portal “E-services”. Please note, that if you have never been registered at the Ukrainian Medical Council, we cannot give you the CGS.

Yes, there are. The Certificate of Good Standing issuance provides administrative fee payment. Please elaborate the cost of service before applying the statement for issuance of document.

We try to process requests as quickly as possible, so the entire procedure usually takes no more than 10 days. However, it is worth remembering that in case of absence active registration in the Ukrainian Medical Council on the issuance of the document take longer due to the need for verification of documents and registration procedures at UMC.

Immediately after the issuance of the certificate, the scanned copy will be sent to your personal e-mail. Hard copy will be sent on the same or the next day to address, which was note at medical worker’s statement.

CGS is usually sent to a foreign competent body for registration of health workers or foreign employers. However, in some cases, the registration authorities require from a physician to provide the certificate personally. In such cases, the document is sent to the applicant at the address.

According to the decree of Ukrainian Medical Council about execution and issuance of certificates of impeccable reputation, the validity of the Certificate of Good Standing is limited to one year, but according to the rules of other registration authorities, the certificate becomes invalid after 3-6 months. In this case, the physician must submit a new application in UMC certificate issuance.

CGS certificates are issued in Ukrainian or English. If necessary, the certificate can be translated and certified by the Department of translation of the UMC and legalized in accordance with the requirements of the country in which the document is served.