Verification of documents

The process of verification of documents is an important step in registration of a medical professional at the Ukrainian Medical Council. It includes assessment of educational documents such as certificates, documents on postgraduate education, professional certificates, certificates of advanced training, etc. Additionally, the Ukrainian Medical Council examines information on the acquired experience and other documents that relate to professional activities of a doctor.
Verification serves as a guarantee that all information presented in the registration certificate and stored in the UMC Register is true. If an applicant for registration gives false information or submits forged documents, the Ukrainian Medical Council is authorized to inform the relevant public authorities, as well as foreign licensing authorities about this incident. The Ukrainian Medical Council, as well as other registration authorities regard attempts to register with forged documents as a gross violation which leads to restriction to practice medicine.
The service of documents verification can be used not only by applicants for registration but also by foreign registration/licensing authorities. The UMC is working closely with a number of foreign Medical Councils and Associations that use the service to establish the authenticity of documents presented by foreignerers, who graduated from Ukrainian higher education institutions.