Department of Registration

The main objectives of Registration Department lie in registration of healthcare professionals and providing information on registered members to the competent authorities and other interested parties. The registration procedure itself stipulates a complete verification of individuals and educational documents, which are of great interest of experts from our Department. During the audit, requests are sent to various institutions (including universities and previous employers) in order to exclude the possibility of registering physician who is unable to provide appropriate medical assistance or who has made serious medical errors. The Department is constantly working on registry updating to display accurate and up to date information. The world practice and our experience show that maintaining a national medical registry is an important factor of successful operation of health system and has long been shown to be effective and irreplaceable in the process of medical practice regulation. Thanks to the integrated verification procedure, which is conducted by the Department of Registration, the Ukrainian Medical Council can confidently guarantee the authenticity of educational documents and the appropriate level of qualifications of registered medical professionals.

  • Maintaining of a Single Register of the Ukrainian Medical Council;
  • Documents verification
  • Registration of physicians and their qualifications;
  • Issuance of the Ukrainian Medical Council Registration Certificate;
  • Issuance of the Ukrainian Medical Council Single Register Certificate;
  • Issuance of certificate on completion of pre-diploma practice (Certificate of completion of Pre-Graduate Medical and Surgical Training);
  • Issuance of certificate on recognition of Ukrainian educational establishment abroad;
  • Drafting and issuance of curriculum in accordance with the requirements of the foreign registration authorities;
  • Issuance of explanatory letters and letters of recommendation;
  • Issuance of working experience certificates in accordance with the requirements of the foreign registration authorities;
  • Issuance of certificate confirming the authenticity of the documents.

Tel: 38(050) 405-03-47

Department of Ethics

The Department of Ethics deals with the development of professional and ethical standards in healthcare system and examines complaints filed by patients regarding the misconduct or negligence of physicians. The role of the Department is also lie in enforcement of the “Ethical Code for Ukrainian Physicians” by working closely with doctors, their employers and patients. This set of rules and regulations fully controls the relationship “doctor-patient” and stipulates a number of intra penalties (up to the deprivation of registration for non-compliance). Attraction to the professional liability comes independently from the criminal, civil or disciplinary liability. It may be delayed until the criminal or civil proceedings, as the latest results can influence the decision of the Ethics Committee of the UMC regarding professional activities of physician.

In general, the Medical Council of Ukraine and the Department of Ethics in particular aims to protect patients and improve the quality of healthcare system in Ukraine through the promotion and maintenance of:

  • Health, safety and community well-being;
  • Public confidence in the professionalism of physicians providing medical services;
  • Appropriate standards of conduct that physicians use in their practice.
  • Improving the quality of healthcare services;
  • Development and improvement of ethical standards and deontology in medical practice;
  • Complaints investigation from patients and other citizens regarding the actions of health workers who do not comply with the “Ethical Code for Ukrainian Physicians”.
  • Issuance of Good Standing Certificate;
  • Requesting of Non-conviction Certificate.

Tel: 38(050) 405-03-47

Department of Education

Good education is core element of physician professionalism and safety of provided medical services. The state universities provide future physician with all the necessary knowledge for successful work in hospitals and other healthcare institutions in Ukraine, and the Department of Education of the Medical Council of Ukraine invites all who wish to take language medical courses. They allow obtaining basic knowledge of English and German and help to become familiar with medical practices in different countries. Our courses and workshops provide a chance to discover new career opportunities, to participate in international conferences and symposiums, and successfully pass the examinations of foreign registration authorities, which are required to obtain a license for medical practice. The Department unites highly qualified teachers with medical and philological education, each of which is the author of one or more training courses and manuals that have been successfully used for individual and group training.

The Department of Education includes the Examination and Education Center, which conducts language, medical and other examinations, and organizes practical trainings for teachers of medical English and German, followed by certification and issuance of certificates that attest the appropriate qualifications and knowledge required for the conduct of teaching activities.

  • Improving of educational standards for training of health workers;
  • Development of training materials, methods and plans;
  • Preparation of new training courses for medical qualifications improvement;
  • Arrangement of language courses for health workers;
  • Arrangement of trainings, workshops and seminars for health professionals;
  • Certification of Physicians on the knowledge of a foreign language, followed by the issuance of certificates;
  • Arrangement of examinations;
  • Selection of short-term and long-term educational programs abroad.

Tel: 38(050) 405-03-47

Legal Department

The aim of the Legal Department is to monitor that activities of the Ukrainian Medical Council carried out in accordance with existing legislation and the Statute of the organization. The Department also provides assistance and support to registered members of the Ukrainian Medical Council and other parties on issues that directly or indirectly relate to medical practice. Sign up for personal consultations in our office via the contact form or a pre-agreed time by phone. In addition, there is an Advice Centre, which operates as a part of the Department. It provides advisory services to everyone on various aspects of health law.

  • Drawing up the legal framework that applies to the healthcare sector;
  • Consulting services provision for healthcare professionals.
  • Registration and certification of documents to obtain licenses at foreign registration authorities and to travel abroad;
  • Consular legalization;
  • Apostille (Apostille in the relevant ministry);
  • Certification of translations that have been made in the Translations Department of the UMC (certification by the UMC seal or notarization);
  • Requesting Certificates on Non-conviction Certificate;
  • Nostrification of foreign educational documents in Ukraine;
  • Assistance in obtaining a permit to practice medicine and work permit;
  • Making an invitation to study at Ukrainian universities;
  • Assistance in obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine;
  • Obtaining a license of the Ministry of Health for medical institutions for medical practice and accreditation.

Тел: 38(050) 405-03-47

Department of International Relations

Department of International Relations is an important structural subdivision of the Ukrainian Medical Council, which regulates the relations between organizations with foreign registration authorities, subject ministries, educational and health institutions. The main goal of this Department is to promote the development of international relations in the context of integration into the global and European medical community, and to present the full range of organizational and technical measures for the implementation of international standards into the national healthcare system.

  • Monitoring of healthcare standards regulation in other countries, reporting to relevant ministries;
  • Launching of international projects and attraction of foreign partners;
  • Organizational and methodological support at conferences, seminars and workshops with the participation of foreign guests;
  • Translations of documents and other materials;
  • Provision of information and advice on work and study in Ukraine for foreign candidates;
  • Provision of information and advice on work and study abroad for Ukrainian candidates;
  • Assistance for health workers in obtaining medical license abroad;
  • Assistance in obtaining visas for travelling abroad;
  • Organization and coordination of international educational programs in Ukraine and abroad.

Tel: 38(050) 405-03-47

Department of Public Relations

The Public Relations Department of the Medical Council of Ukraine is responsible for conducting of internal policy aimed at creating a favorable image of the organization and its maintenance in society.

  • Preparation and distribution of printed, photo and video materials about the major events of the UMC and healthcare sector of Ukraine;
  • Arrangement of press conferences, round tables, interviews and other meetings aimed at information distribution about the UMC;
  • Arrangement and implementation of measures aimed at establishing a strong relationship with the representatives of various social groups;
  • Popularization of the UMC activities in external media (television, radio, print media, advertising space), as well as on the Internet.

Tel: 38(050) 405-03-47