Certificate of Good Standing (CGS)

Certificates are issued only to those healthcare practitioners that have been already registered with the Ukrainian Medical Council and passed the procedure of documents verification! Applications for issuance of Good Standing Certificates are accepted after as well as during the regisration procedure. 

Certificate of Good Standing serves as a confirmation of good reputation of a medical specialist. The issuance of the certificate lies within the competence of the speclial Ethics Committee under the Ethics Department of the Ukrainian Medical Council. The certificates are issued on the grounds of the 2006 Edinburgh Agreement that describes the methods of information exchange that relates to the professionals status of healthcare practitoners. The Certificate of Good Standing that is uissued by the Ukrainian Medical Council will be necessary to those individuals who intend to continue their education or careers abroad. The Certificate of Good Standing certifies that its holder:

  • was not subject to any investigations carried out by the Ethics Committee of the Ukrainian Medical Council;
  • was not subject to disciplinary sanctions, which entail exclusion from the Register;
  • has not committed any disciplinary violations and has not had any charges or complaints brought against him/her.

Issuance of Good Standing Certificate provides the administrative fee payment. Upon request of physician, a certificate can be mailed to the foreign competent registration authority or to any other address. According to the rules of the UMC, the validity of Good Standing Certificate is limited to one year, but under the rules of other registration authorities, the certificate becomes invalid after 3-6 months. In this case, the physician shall submit a new application to the UMC certificate issuance. In order to apply for a Certificate of Good Standing, use our portal “E-services”. You can also contact us for more information

How long is the period necessary for issuance of the Certificate of Good Standing?

Usually, issuance of the certificate takes 7-10 business days provided that the applicant has been already registered with the Ukrainian Medical Council.

How to obtain the Certificate of Good Standing?

  • Get registered with the Ukrainian Medical Council;
    • Submit an application in person, by post or via the E-services;
    • Pay the registration fee;
    • Recieve confirmation of your registration and the registration certificate;
  • Submit an application for issuance of the Certificate of Good Standing (in person, by post or via the E-services);
  • Pay the fee for issuance of the document (please call +38(050) 405-03-47 to inquire about the fee amount and payment methods)
  • Receive the documents in any convenient way

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