Experience certificate

Experience certificate (подтверждение стажа)

Certificates are issued only to those healthcare practitioners that have been already registered with the Ukrainian Medical Council and passed the procedure of documents verification! Applications for issuance of Good Standing Certificates are accepted after as well as during the regisration procedure. 

What is the Experience Certificate?

Experience Certificate is a document that is issued in order to confirm/ provide more information about the current place of work, taken position, salary, mode of employment, etc. This certificate may be issued for presentation at foreign registration authorities for the purpose of obtaining a license to practice medicine, as well as to employers when applying for a job.

Why is this document necessary?

This document helps the future employer to identify strengths and weaknesses as well as to get more detailed information on the previous work of the the applicant. During employment in foreign countires employers always pay attention to such documents since they briefly describe everything that is related to the doctor’s professional experience.

What additional information does the certificate include?

In addition to employment details, the experience certificate also describes the person as an individual: character, strengths, skills that have been obtained in previous employments. If you want to get a paying job, this type of certificate will serve as a huge advantage over other candidates for the position.

How long is the period necessary for issuance of the Experience Certificate?

Usually, issuance of the certificate takes 7-10 business days provided that the applicant has been already registered with the Ukrainian Medical Council.

How to obtain the Experience Certificate?

  • Get registered with the Ukrainian Medical Council;
    • Submit an application in person, by post or via the E-services;
    • Pay the registration fee;
    • Recieve confirmation of your registration and the registration certificate;
  • Submit an application for issuance of the Experience Certificate (in person, by post or via the E-services);
  • Pay the fee for issuance of the document (please call +38 (050) 405-03-47 (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram) to inquire about the fee amount and payment methods)
  • Receive the documents in any convenient way