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General Courses

General courses of the English and German languages without medical specialization will be useful for those students who want to speak in a foreign language in all situations.


Specialized Courses

Specialized courses conducted by the Medical Council of Ukraine are focused on the outworking and mastering of medicine and its separate sections in a foreign language.

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Examination Courses

Examinational courses have been developed for healthcare professionals who need to pass examinations to obtain a license to practice medicine abroad.

High-quality education is a key to professional competence of physicians and safety of provided medical services. The state institutions of higher education provide future medical specialists with all necessary knowledge for successful work in hospitals and other healthcare establishments, while the Department of Education of the Medical Council of Ukraine proposes them to take language courses to obtain fundamental knowledge of the English and German languages and to be familiarized with medicine in different countries. Our courses and workshops give a chance to discover new career opportunities participate in international conferences and symposiums, and successfully pass the examinations of foreign registration authorities, which are required to obtain a license to practice medicine. Our Department employs highly qualified teachers with medical and philological education, each of which is the author of one or more training courses and manuals that have been successfully used for individual and group lessons.

Our language courses have been designed for:

  • Students of medical schools, colleges and universities who would like to take part in international volunteer programs, seminars, conferences and forums, and who want to derive new knowledge from foreign sources;
  • Medical interns, who after receiving their specialization, would like to continue their education in foreign medical schools or pass an internship in a foreign healthcare institution;
  • Practicing medical specialists (including junior medical staff and nurses), who already have experience in different areas of health care, but would like to improve their language skills for different purposes, such as for employment abroad or communicating with foreign colleagues;
  • Teachers of medical English who are interested in the development of their qualifications and provision of high-quality educational services;
  • Interpreters and translators who work in the field of medicine, pharmaceutics, clinical trials, etc.;

Popular courses

Medical English
General English
Medical German

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