Foreign applicants

Preparatory Department

londonmedicalcoursesPreparatory Department for foreigners functions on basis of the higher educational establishments of Ukraine. Students of Preparatory Department study Ukrainian and Russian Languages, Math, Chemistry, Physics and other subjects. The main aim of Preparatory Courses is to provide foreigners with an opportunity to adapt for studying and living in Ukraine by familiarization with the culture and traditions of Ukraine. After completion of Preparatory Courses, students pass exams and enter the first year of educational establishment.

To be admitted on the Preparatory Courses candidate shall get permission from the university, open a visa and come to study in the period from 1 September to 31 December of the current year. (See visa information in the section «Higher Medical Education»). The term of study at the Preparatory  Courses generally takes 10 months.

Necessary documents:

  • Copy of the foreign passport and notarized translation into Ukrainian language;
  • Copy of the certificate (Certificate, Diploma) of the secondary education and its supplement, list of subjects and their scores, notarized translation into Ukrainian;
  • Consent to the processing of personal data (according to the legislation of Ukraine).

Documents may be admitted through our system of electronic applications «E-service».

Training at the Preparatory Department is not obligatory and should be taken only in cases when the student would like to study in the Ukrainian or Russian language. 

Higher Medical Education


Admission of foreigner to Ukrainian educational establishments is carried out in accordance with «Regulations on the Admission of Foreigners and Stateless Persons to the Establishments of Higher Education of Ukraine» approved by the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 05.08.1998, №1238. Information about entrance to university, payments and other questions foreign students may get at the Ukrainian Medical Council. If necessary, the International Department of the UMC also coordinates the process of collecting, drafting and filing of documents, receives an invitation to study, welcomes applicant in Ukraine, searches for accommodation in a hotel/hostel and promotes the prompt adaptation in Ukraine. To start the entering process with the help of the UMC you have to create an account in our electronic system «E-service» and apply to the selection of university. If you want to apply for education in Ukraine, you need to follow these basic steps:

We strongly advice you to search your cources very carefully. You must take into consideration the location of your university  and the credibility of the university,college school,or institutions. Take a look  of all the specialisation offered through different courses and find out  the  specialisations will best suit your future career. Once you are clear with your course and specialisation, you need to find out which university or institute offers it. You must take into notice the size and strength of the campus, the available facilities and the services offered for international students to study into that uniersity.

UMC Directory of Higher Educational Medical Establishments of Ukraine:

First step in the process of entering to Ukrainian medical university is getting an invitation for study. Invitations are issued from 01 May to 31 October. Foreign applicants have to submit the following documents to our system of electronic applications “E-services” in order to receive an invitation:

  • Copy of passport;
  • Copy of the documents certifying secondary education (certificate) and its supplement with the list of subjects and their scores;
  • Signed consent to processing of personal data.
  • Before submitting to university, documents (certificate and the supplement) must be translated into Ukrainian if they have not been issued in it originally;
  • Translation of documents is made by Department of Translation of the UMC.



istudCitizens from visa countries and those countries with which Ukraine has signed an agreement on visa-free stay of up to 90 days (tourist, private and business trips), should have a long-term visa to Ukraine (“education”, type D), which allows you to stay in the country longer than 90 days;

Citizens of countries with which Ukraine has signed an agreement on visa-free regime, such as the Russian Federation, Georgia, Moldova, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan may not apply for visa to Ukraine. They must provide the original or a copy of the “Invitation for study” on the border of Ukraine as a confirmation of your reason for visiting Ukraine.

To receive a visa type D, the applicant should submit to the Ukrainian Consulate or Embassy in his/her native country the set of documents, which includes:

  • Completed visa application form;
  • «Invitation for study»;
  • Valid passport;
  • Two photos 3X4 cm;
  • Document which proof of payment of consular fees;
  • Valid health insurance policy (provided that you can form it on the territory of the country);

Documents must be submitted three months before the scheduled entry. Please note: all documents must be translated and officially certified (Apostille stamp or a ministerial certification + certification at the Embassy of Ukraine). All documents must be officially recognized in Ukraine in order to obtain a graduation diploma.

Embassies of Ukraine

Visit the official web directory to locate the Ukrainian Embassy or Consulate in your area,  where you will apply and be interviewed for your Ukrainian visa:

Once the applicant is determined with the date of arrival in Ukraine, he/she has to inform (personally or through the UMC) the International Department of the university about date, time and point (airport) of his/her arrival. The UMC organizes a meeting and supports of the applicant to the university. After passing the passport control, border service officer can conduct an interview with an applicant, to confirm the target of arrival and financial state. We recommend carefully prepare for this interview. In case of failure the entrance in Ukraine may be refused.

  • After receiving an invitation and visa, a foreign student has to come to the university in the period from 20 August to 15 November of the current year. It is necessary to prepare the following set of documents:
    • Invitation for study;
    • Foreign passport and two copies of notarized translation into Ukrainian;
    • Birth Certificate and two copies of notarized translation into Ukrainian;
    • Certificate (certificate of secondary education, diploma) of secondary education and its supplement with the list of subjects and their scores, and notarized translation of these documents into Ukrainian;
    • Medical Certificate of Health certified by the official healthcare authority issued not early than two months before foreigner’s enter to Ukraine and notarized translation of this Certificate into Ukrainian;
    • Certificate of absence of HIV-infection and its notarized translation into Ukrainian;
    • 12 photos 3X4 sm;
    • After filing in the documents, the applicant has to pass an interview, which is organized by the Admission Board which will evaluate the level of his/her knowledge in the relevant disciplines (usually checked knowledge of the language and a profile subject);·
  • If the foreign applicant does not know the language of study (Ukrainian, Russian or English) at a sufficient level, he/she may be propose to take the Preparatory Course (see above), after which he/she may be admitted to the university to pass the main course.
  • The admission procedure will be completed after the applicant signs an Agreement with the chosen university and pays the tuition fee for the 1st year of studies.

Postgraduate Medical Education


Postgraduate education is a form of education, which is aimed to improving the skills and knowledge that is produced on the basis of previously obtained qualification and practical experience. Postgraduate educational programs are available for graduates of medical educational establishments of II-IV levels of accreditation, who already received the qualification level of a Junior Specialist, Bachelor or Specialist, in accordance with the requirements of the selected educational establishment. Foreign applicants currently may enroll to Clinical Residency, PhD or and Doctoral training. Duration of studying for these programs ranges from 1.5 to 5 years. In order to apply for PG training in Ukraine, you have to submit the corresponsing documents through our system of electronic applications “E-services”:

  • copy of foreign passport and its notarized translation into Ukrainian or Russian language;
  • copy of the diploma and its supplement, with list of subjects and their scores, their notarized translation into Ukrainian or Russian language;
  • consent to the processing of personal data (in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine).


Read more on postgraduate education in Ukraine:

The Ukrainian Medical Council will help you to choose the  higher education establishment and will assist in receiving of the «Invitation for study». Please also note that foreigners who have received higher education abroad (outside of Ukraine) have to get their degrees recognized by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine prior to submission of documents to any university!

Migration regulations for foreign students

  • During stay in Ukraine, all foreigners are subject to immigration legislation that is important to obey. Therefore, after arriving in Ukraine all foreigners have to be registered at the place of actual residence, as well as to get the Certificate for temporary residence in the Migration Service. Usually, international departments of universities deal with migration formalities of foreign students. Students are required to provide all the necessary documents and to draw the medical insurance for the period of stay in Ukraine;
  • The Certificate for temporary residence confirms the legality of stay in Ukraine and the identity of a foreigner or a stateless person. This document shall be shown upon migration and other verifications. The certificate is usually issued for the entire period of study, but if a foreigner studying at the Training Course, the period of validity of the Certificate comprises one year. In addition, the university can make its own decisions as to preparation of certificate for reduced period (for example, while the training period is 6 years, the certificate will be drawn up for one year, followed by a continuation).
  • Students, who enter the next level of education, (Specialist after a Training Course or Clinical Residency after Specialist), or transfer to another university, have to pay attention to the validity of their certificates. Documents for its extension must be submitted to the Migration Service not later than 15 days prior to its termination;
  • Having expelled a student, educational establishment shall submit to the Migration Service the notice on termination of study within 10 days from the date of dismissal, pass the identity card of the student and cancel his/her registration. Than student has 7 days to leave the territory of Ukraine;
  • It should be noted that the migration legislation of Ukraine does not allow foreign students to seek employment at the time of studying!

Some additional warnings:

In order to avoid cheating, do not send copies of your documents (passport, certificate and its supplement, etc.) to uncertified organization, unless you make sure that this organization prepares the “Invitation for study” at necessary university and it has confirmed with you all terms and conditions. If the invitation is prepared for another university, the applicant will not be able to apply documents to the selected university unless the previous invitation is canceled.

It is illegal to withdraw the identity documents (except for the period when the educational establishment drafts the certificate at the Migration Service).

Simplified scheme of applying to the Ukrainian university

Frequently Asked Questions

Applicant has to submit the necessary documents via our system of electronic filing of applications “E-Service”.

Duration of study at the medical faculty comprises 6 years. Duration of study at the dental/pharmaceutical faculty comprises 5 years.

The languages of study at the Ukrainian medical university are: Ukrainian, English and Russian.

It is not necessary, but the candidate has to show fluency in the language of study.

Payment for the first course of study must be paid in full size. Payment for the next year may be paid in part.

The Preparatory Course is a special program for foreign students, which is aimed for study the language and culture of the country. In addition, the program includes study of some main subjects.

Academic year at Ukrainian universities consists of two semesters, winter and summer holidays. Summer vacations last 2 months (July and August), while winter lasts 1 month (usually in February).

Yes, they are. Ukrainian diplomas are recognized in other countries, including EU countries and the USA.

First of all, foreigner has to receive the Invitation for study than open a visa at Ukrainian Embassy or Consulate, come to Ukraine, submit the documents to the Admission Board of the university and register at the Migration Service of Ukraine.

The cost for the first three months of studying is much higher than the costs for the following months. For the first time foreign students usually need about $ 500 per month, which will go to pay registration fees, necessary items, etc. and after that, the expenses reduce to $ 100-150 per month.

The national currency of Ukraine is hryvnia. At present (May 2016) the exchange rate is 1.00 USD = 25.00 UAH.

The most common languages in Ukraine are Ukrainian and Russian. In some regions people also speak Polish, Hungarian and Romanian.

Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe and is situated between Poland, Russia and Belorussia. The capital of Ukraine is Kyiv population of which is near 3 million people.

Ukraine is a secular-minded state which means that there is no state religion. The majority of citizens are Christians. In addition, there are such confessions as Islam, Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism, Buddhism, Adventism, and Lutheranism.